Friday, January 21, 2011

Wow - gone for quite awhile again

I have been gone forever and have lots of news.  I have been following some blogs - Rambling of a Fabric Obsesser, Sew Many Ways, Cactus Needle....and I hadn't seen How to be a Housewife for soooooooo long, and I went to look, and Joan is back!  I missed at least reading her, since I haven't been writing. 

The best news I have is that my DS and DIL gave me my third grandson on Dec 27th!  A cutie and pics on my sidebar along with my DD two boys.  And my DD and SIL are having their 3th in June.....and I am wishing for the girl!

I gave up the Texture Magic....with my "real" job that brings in the bacon, I couldn't do TM justice.  I made some items and used some TM for gifts at the holidays, and still love it and will use it again.

I am so excited that the IQF is coming to Cinti!  I am registered and have signed up for one class and plan to spend at least 2 days there.  Those from Cinti.....maybe we can "find" each other there.

I changed jobs within the large corp I work for.  My prior role was working with our users across North America and Latin America, and I wanted to work a bit more localized, so I drastically changed into another function and have been learning whole new work processes.  It is fun, challenging, and scary.....all at the same time, I am happy with the role change.

I won't add anything else now.  I will post pics of my "boys" in just a bit!

Please "visit" me and let me know I am visible again!