Friday, January 21, 2011

Wow - gone for quite awhile again

I have been gone forever and have lots of news.  I have been following some blogs - Rambling of a Fabric Obsesser, Sew Many Ways, Cactus Needle....and I hadn't seen How to be a Housewife for soooooooo long, and I went to look, and Joan is back!  I missed at least reading her, since I haven't been writing. 

The best news I have is that my DS and DIL gave me my third grandson on Dec 27th!  A cutie and pics on my sidebar along with my DD two boys.  And my DD and SIL are having their 3th in June.....and I am wishing for the girl!

I gave up the Texture Magic....with my "real" job that brings in the bacon, I couldn't do TM justice.  I made some items and used some TM for gifts at the holidays, and still love it and will use it again.

I am so excited that the IQF is coming to Cinti!  I am registered and have signed up for one class and plan to spend at least 2 days there.  Those from Cinti.....maybe we can "find" each other there.

I changed jobs within the large corp I work for.  My prior role was working with our users across North America and Latin America, and I wanted to work a bit more localized, so I drastically changed into another function and have been learning whole new work processes.  It is fun, challenging, and scary.....all at the same time, I am happy with the role change.

I won't add anything else now.  I will post pics of my "boys" in just a bit!

Please "visit" me and let me know I am visible again!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Happenings

I have lots going on.  I am taking the Mark Lipinski class tomorrow at the Quilt Expo, but unfortunately for us students, Mark will not be teaching.  He was upgraded on the kidney transplant list and can't travel.  Class is still on with a substitute, so I am not as excited, but I am sure I will love the class.

I changed jobs at the company I work for.  I was a purchasing solutions "business expert" for the whole NA region, been doing purchasing support for about eight years.  I have now moved to a new function, Integrated Planning - as their Key User, the support for our external operations area.  I have lots to learn, as I know very little about planning, the work processes, and how the system works.  I have about a month or so to get onboard, but a good six months of learnings.

I made a sewing notions pocket hanger for my class tomorrow.  One that you have the flap of pockets hanging down in front of you, with the sewing machine holding it in place.....just took some denim and flipped, sewed, stitched in pockets, and put binding on the sides.  I took pics and am writing a tutorial and will be the first I put on the blog.  Hoping to get it done and posted by come back to check it out.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Visit Stash Manicure !

I will have a post on Stash Manicure blogspot on Tuesday (tomorrow)!  Go take a look.....

My Designing Beginnings....

I am working on a concept of designing a series of quilts with a specific type of theme.  Cupboards or Cabinets.  Still working on it..

I have taken an idea in a old magazine - a jar quilt, that I had worked on several years ago - got it out a month or so ago - and added additional features.  It is quite large.....about 36" x 45" and over sized for the idea I have.  I am thinking of designing a series of "cupboards" about 21 x 29.  Like collections of teacups, cars, thimbles, etc, with options for pieced blocks or applique blocks.

Here are some pics of the Pantry Cupboard quilt - not done yet.....I have 3-D aspects to this one.  The jars are pieced blocks of veggies, bin of applique corn, Texture Magic basket of melons, Burlap bag of potatoes, and a fabric picture of an old cookbook.  The tea towels are sewn into the seam and hang free - these were in my maternal grandmother's box of linens that she hand embroidered.  I plan some thread painting to give dimension to the veggies and stuff the burlap bag.  More to come on finishing this.

Let me know your thoughts on this idea.....I am hoping it will seem appealing to quilters.

Quilt Activities!

I thought I would tell everyone my first two activities back in the quilting world....
I am scheduled to be a poster on the Stash Manicure blog on the feature for August of quilting from the Past.  I plan to post info and a pic on my grandmother's quilting.  Click on the link to the right, and visit the blog.  Rae Ann has such a great concept for this blog, and I have enjoyed following along.

I will be attending the QSC Expo here in the Cincinnati area in September....AND.....taking a class from Mark Lipinski.  That should be very fun!

Friday, August 20, 2010

How do I start......

I have been gone for a long time......I have followed along with many of the blogs I follow, reading and sharing in their activities, but not blogging myself. I am on a new venture to update my blog, get back into this, and make more friends! I hope my old friends are out there as well.

Bullets on updates since my last post:
  • Diabetes in somewhat in control - I was doing very well in the Feb-April time frame, but has slipped a bit, but managing.
  • I had a hysterectomy in March due to fibroids, so not life-threatening, but very much needed and relieved alot of issues I was having.
  • Grandsons doing awesome - GS1 played t-ball this summer, such a good team player and has begun football practices with his first game this fun to watch, and will be starting kindergarden in September. GS2 has hit the terrible 2s - no worse than his big brother, but definitely a character and his own personality for sure!
  • DS and DIL expecting their first baby in December. They have decided not to find out what they are having - but we have all decided it's a girl, and I am buying and making John Deere pink stuff......and lots of green too!
  • DD is attending online college classes....a big deal with two boys and a part-time job....but she is dedicated. I went to school and graduated when my two were preschoolers too, so I know it can be done and she is doing very well.
  • DH and DS are working for themselves this year - They have a landscaping and construction business - residential concrete work is keeping them very busy. They also are truck farming as they have for the last 20+ years.
  • I have opted out of being a Texture Magic Rep. I just couldn't do the commitment needed with my full-time job I have. My job can be very demanding, and I like my time with the grandbabies and my sewing room.
  • I have joined the Ohio Valley Quilters Guild in Cincinnati and have been attending those meetings. I have joined some quilt designer groups on Yahoo, and have some design ideas in the works (in my head and on paper only) and get wonderful info from these groups. It's amazing how quilters and crafters are willing to share and help others!

I have updated alot! I will now be very regular in posting and hoping to renew and expand friendships.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Back, again

I've been gone awhile again. My quest to deal with diabetes is going well. My glucose numbers are better, not perfect, but better. I continue to work on healthier eating and increasing exercise. A big surprise was getting Wii and Fit Plus for Christmas from DH via DD's help. It really helps motivate the exercising for me. I wanted this, but didn't expect it!

The grandsons are doing wonderful....they each have such fun (and mischievous) personalities, yet so different! Bradley is doing awesome in preschool and his speech program...he will be more than ready for kindergarten next school year. Jacob is a "normal" almost two year old. He mimics play and loves to read with anyone, and also, as his big brother, his fave person is his grandpa...As I like to say, "They're favorite thing at Grandma's house is Grandpa."

All the kids are great. I am very lucky to have a DD and DS that are great, and wonderful SIL and DIL too. We do alot with them and the in-law families. Our little family is so much bigger with them!

Both our parents are well, they have their medical issues, but doing well. My parents (finally!) have an email account, so I can send pics better all the way out there in Calif.

I am working alot....lots of projects since our corporation is buying up other small companies. Alot of my job is implementing these new companies into our purchasing systems, and training all the new users. I do this across all of North America, thank goodness, with so much technical wonders, I can do most right from Cincinnati, instead of traveling.

I have been a bit lax on my Texture Magic endeavor, but getting ready to ramp up again, and get out there to make sales. I love working with TM and introducing it to sewers and quilters.

DH is spending lots of time getting ready the greenhouses and plans for farming again. He is still only do this part-time, I will NOT let him open a produce market again.....and doing his concrete finishing work for a few companies and himself as they/he find jobs.

Hopefully, I'll be better at blogging.....I am still reading several each week and trying to keep up with news with blogging friends!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Been awhile....(again)

But, I think I have a better excuse this time, or should I say a medical reason.

As some people do, I have put off for a few (to say the least) years of visiting the doctor, knowing I probably have some ailments, due to how I feel alot of the time (and not to leave out unhealthy eating and less exercise.) So, bloodwork done and some other tests.....I have a gammet of issues. First being Type II Diabetes. So the last week has been spent learning how to manage diabetes, along with the medication and diet changes - BIG TIME - right away. So after about 7 days, lower numbers already, not in the good range yet, but much better.

Also have to eat right for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. So LOTS of food changes and healthy choices now being made. Some things are easier than others, of course.

I love poultry (home raised chicken in freezer!) and fish - so I will not miss beef and pork, except a few items. Veggies and fruit are harder.....I only like a few, and several of those are high glycemic and not good for diabetes or leaving those out and trying new things. I am eating LOTS of salads and fruits! Now - carbs.....I LOVE breads - and thank goodness have found some wholegrain breads I really like and even wholegrain frozen waffles, Kraft Wholegrain Mac & Cheese, and I love bran cereal and brown rice, so those things are working. I did can beans, corn, and tomatoes during the summer, so I have those too.

DH hunts, so of course, we now have three deer worth of meat in the freezer, home butchered pork, with more to be done in January, and DH and son have purchased two half grown calves, so by late spring, we will have beef to butcher.....not good timing for my diet and freezer space!

So, that is what has been keeping me busy....along with, work, grandsons, holiday shopping and decorating, and all those other normal things that have to be done everyday!

Wish me luck on my new journey! Life changes are good, that's what I am anticipating!