Thursday, December 10, 2009

Been awhile....(again)

But, I think I have a better excuse this time, or should I say a medical reason.

As some people do, I have put off for a few (to say the least) years of visiting the doctor, knowing I probably have some ailments, due to how I feel alot of the time (and not to leave out unhealthy eating and less exercise.) So, bloodwork done and some other tests.....I have a gammet of issues. First being Type II Diabetes. So the last week has been spent learning how to manage diabetes, along with the medication and diet changes - BIG TIME - right away. So after about 7 days, lower numbers already, not in the good range yet, but much better.

Also have to eat right for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. So LOTS of food changes and healthy choices now being made. Some things are easier than others, of course.

I love poultry (home raised chicken in freezer!) and fish - so I will not miss beef and pork, except a few items. Veggies and fruit are harder.....I only like a few, and several of those are high glycemic and not good for diabetes or leaving those out and trying new things. I am eating LOTS of salads and fruits! Now - carbs.....I LOVE breads - and thank goodness have found some wholegrain breads I really like and even wholegrain frozen waffles, Kraft Wholegrain Mac & Cheese, and I love bran cereal and brown rice, so those things are working. I did can beans, corn, and tomatoes during the summer, so I have those too.

DH hunts, so of course, we now have three deer worth of meat in the freezer, home butchered pork, with more to be done in January, and DH and son have purchased two half grown calves, so by late spring, we will have beef to butcher.....not good timing for my diet and freezer space!

So, that is what has been keeping me busy....along with, work, grandsons, holiday shopping and decorating, and all those other normal things that have to be done everyday!

Wish me luck on my new journey! Life changes are good, that's what I am anticipating!

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