Friday, January 22, 2010

Back, again

I've been gone awhile again. My quest to deal with diabetes is going well. My glucose numbers are better, not perfect, but better. I continue to work on healthier eating and increasing exercise. A big surprise was getting Wii and Fit Plus for Christmas from DH via DD's help. It really helps motivate the exercising for me. I wanted this, but didn't expect it!

The grandsons are doing wonderful....they each have such fun (and mischievous) personalities, yet so different! Bradley is doing awesome in preschool and his speech program...he will be more than ready for kindergarten next school year. Jacob is a "normal" almost two year old. He mimics play and loves to read with anyone, and also, as his big brother, his fave person is his grandpa...As I like to say, "They're favorite thing at Grandma's house is Grandpa."

All the kids are great. I am very lucky to have a DD and DS that are great, and wonderful SIL and DIL too. We do alot with them and the in-law families. Our little family is so much bigger with them!

Both our parents are well, they have their medical issues, but doing well. My parents (finally!) have an email account, so I can send pics better all the way out there in Calif.

I am working alot....lots of projects since our corporation is buying up other small companies. Alot of my job is implementing these new companies into our purchasing systems, and training all the new users. I do this across all of North America, thank goodness, with so much technical wonders, I can do most right from Cincinnati, instead of traveling.

I have been a bit lax on my Texture Magic endeavor, but getting ready to ramp up again, and get out there to make sales. I love working with TM and introducing it to sewers and quilters.

DH is spending lots of time getting ready the greenhouses and plans for farming again. He is still only do this part-time, I will NOT let him open a produce market again.....and doing his concrete finishing work for a few companies and himself as they/he find jobs.

Hopefully, I'll be better at blogging.....I am still reading several each week and trying to keep up with news with blogging friends!

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