Monday, August 23, 2010

My Designing Beginnings....

I am working on a concept of designing a series of quilts with a specific type of theme.  Cupboards or Cabinets.  Still working on it..

I have taken an idea in a old magazine - a jar quilt, that I had worked on several years ago - got it out a month or so ago - and added additional features.  It is quite large.....about 36" x 45" and over sized for the idea I have.  I am thinking of designing a series of "cupboards" about 21 x 29.  Like collections of teacups, cars, thimbles, etc, with options for pieced blocks or applique blocks.

Here are some pics of the Pantry Cupboard quilt - not done yet.....I have 3-D aspects to this one.  The jars are pieced blocks of veggies, bin of applique corn, Texture Magic basket of melons, Burlap bag of potatoes, and a fabric picture of an old cookbook.  The tea towels are sewn into the seam and hang free - these were in my maternal grandmother's box of linens that she hand embroidered.  I plan some thread painting to give dimension to the veggies and stuff the burlap bag.  More to come on finishing this.

Let me know your thoughts on this idea.....I am hoping it will seem appealing to quilters.

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quilt32 said...

This looks wonderful already. Love the cookbook - I have that one, too.