Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Happenings

I have lots going on.  I am taking the Mark Lipinski class tomorrow at the Quilt Expo, but unfortunately for us students, Mark will not be teaching.  He was upgraded on the kidney transplant list and can't travel.  Class is still on with a substitute, so I am not as excited, but I am sure I will love the class.

I changed jobs at the company I work for.  I was a purchasing solutions "business expert" for the whole NA region, been doing purchasing support for about eight years.  I have now moved to a new function, Integrated Planning - as their Key User, the support for our external operations area.  I have lots to learn, as I know very little about planning, the work processes, and how the system works.  I have about a month or so to get onboard, but a good six months of learnings.

I made a sewing notions pocket hanger for my class tomorrow.  One that you have the flap of pockets hanging down in front of you, with the sewing machine holding it in place.....just took some denim and flipped, sewed, stitched in pockets, and put binding on the sides.  I took pics and am writing a tutorial and will be the first I put on the blog.  Hoping to get it done and posted by come back to check it out.


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